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Disposable endoscopic cutting stapler and components

At present, the annual production capacity is close to 600 million self-destructing syringes, 500 million safety syringes, 4 million high pressure syringes, 400 million ordinary syringes, 1 billion medical masks, 200 million insulin syringes and 2 million sets of surgical instruments.

Keywords:Safety syringe


Product Name: Disposable Endoscopic Cutting Stapler and Components

Model and specification:

Stapler body: YSENDO-L, YSENDO-S

Pin box components: Standard (YSEND0-30-2.0A, YSENDO-30-2.5A, YSEND0-30-3.5A, YSEND0-45-2.0A, YSBND0-45-2.5A, YSEND0-45-3.5A, YSEND0-45-4.8A, YSENDO-60-2.5A, YSENDO-60-3.5A, YSEND0-60-4.8A) Rotary (YSEND0-30-2.0B, YSEND0-30-2.5B, YSEND0-45-2.0B, YSENDO-45-2.5B, YSENDO-45-2.5B, YSEND0-45-3.5B, YSEND0-45-4.8B, YSEND0-60-2.5B, YSEND0-60-3.5B, YSENDO-60-4.8B)