Passionate Goddess Festival: Solidifying Heart and Growing Together | Yushou Medical Celebration "March 8th" International Women's Day Series Activities

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Women's Day on March 8th

Women's Day on March 8th
A day with a strong spring vibe
A warm and chilly day
In this warm season
We are celebrating International Women's Day on March 8th
To enhance team cohesion
Let everyone relax in their busy work
Feeling the humanistic care of enterprises
Live a healthy, harmonious, happy, and warm life
And meaningful festivals
The Yushou Medical Union has organized
Half of the sky is filled with women, enjoying a happy spring outing
A fun group building activity with a theme

Continuously striving for self-improvement
Dare to challenge
Unity and hard work
Her radiant smile
Bringing warmth to March
Her sweet smile
Bringing vitality to March
Her happy mood
Bringing vitality to March
March is beautiful because of her

It's a season of blooming flowers
It's a season for sowing good hope
It is a season for nurturing abundant fruits
Yushou Medical
Create a strong festive atmosphere
Vice President Zhu Jingjuan and Vice President Sang Weidong of the company
Distribute to all female employees
A unique hand accompanying gift
And send sincere holiday wishes
Thank you to the female employees for promoting the development of the company
Put in hard work
I hope they will be in the future
In work and life
Keep a healthy Positive mental attitude
Be dedicated and dedicated to one's job
New Era Women with Sunshine Upward